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With funding from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, Rutgers faculty and staff developed curriculum modules across various technical, business, environmental, engineering and policy topics related to offshore wind energy.

How to Incorporate the Modules

The modules are ready to be incorporated into existing Rutgers courses and for presentation as standalone programs. Rutgers professors can incorporate the modules through Canvas. Once logged in, select “Commons” on the left side bar, and search for “RutgersOSW.” The offshore wind energy modules will appear. Once you decide which module(s) you would like to incorporate into your course, select the “Import/Download” button and the module will then be added to your existing course.


We kindly ask that you complete the evaluation form at the end of the semester or after your standalone program to provide feedback on the module(s). If you incorporated more than one module into your course or standalone program, then please complete this form for each module.

Available Modules 

The following offshore wind energy educational modules have been developed by Rutgers University faculty and staff. A brief description of each is provided below.


If you need assistance with the modules, please contact Amy Mandelbaum at